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When something lands (literally or metaphorically) in exactly the right spot.

Props, as in Props. Like 'Mad Props bro!'
and 'In the Hole' as in, in just the right spot.
For example, if you were craving a Vanilla Long John and someone calls up saying 'hey, I just got a big box of vanilla long johns I'm trying to unload on someone', one could respond with 'Props in the Hole!'
by Propsmaster May 07, 2013
Something to be said, an exclamation, when things get too intense while having sex utilizing the "pull out method" and the dude bust's a nut deep inside, probably inseminating the lovely lady, because it was so good.
"yeah man, had to give her props in the hole last night, shit was bonkers"
by Hole~Lord~84 May 07, 2013

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