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Derivative of appreciation for the beard. Furthermore, the beards of Israel's prophets, because they were forbidden to cut them (Lev. 19:27, 21:5).
Whether a man or a woman, a facet of one's personality CAN be dubbed "Prophet's Beard" if used in the correct context. This given context must include a physical aspect that is paired with one's personality (ie. guitar, comb, or book). Consequently, one can have multiple Prophet's Beards.

-Term invented by John T. Boruff.

1. An interjection of excitement.
2. Another phrase for "cool."
3. An expression of one's personal hobby.
1. Duuude! Prophet's Beard!! Shaaw...
2. Aw man, that is sooo Prophet's Beard.
3. My guitar is my Prophet's Beard, because it is used for one of my hobbies.
by John T. Boruff May 02, 2004

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