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A colloquial phrase used to describe anything positive.

Regional to the East Midlands.
You look really Proper Norris in that dress

I really enjoyed that film. It was so Proper Norris

"Kasabian are the most Proper Norris band of the century" (Tom Meighan)
by meeji luigi January 16, 2007
An adjective used when describing something of a positive nature.

Originates from Leicester.
Mmmm....that cake smells Proper Norris.

I think you should buy those sunglasses, they look Proper Norris.
by Sassy Cassie January 22, 2007
A word what you use to describe something whats good.
Yo dan, dat bird looks proper norris, innit.

by lizzie is a chorb January 23, 2007
This term can be used in a number of ways. Mostly to express a positive opinion of something. If you like it, its proper norris.

The phrase came around in the summer of 2006. Jimmy Westminster*, Sassy Cassie*, OJ* and co were having a lazy day at the park. OJ's sister's boyfriend's cat is called norris and OJ was talking about naming his pet plastic dinosaur Bubba Norris. Sassy misheard him and thought he had said Proper Norris. This then resulted in a chorus of Proper Norris in Jamacian/Scouse accents and Jimmy W decided that proper norris would be a good way to describe things that were good. Sassy agreed. Hence, the creation of Proper Norris.

Please refer to the myspace group, proper norris.

*Real names have not been used to protect identities.
'I look proper norris today'
'Wow, that hat is proper norris'
'Sex with your mother is proper norris'
by Lizzie A January 15, 2007
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