a female of small proportions. Usually very attractive, slim, with large bossoms and a well balanced behind. A girl in which the office chair technique can be applied to.
Mike: Wow! Check out that babe over there.
Eric: Yes, i must admit that propeller would do quite well on my pole!
by a-bass November 20, 2007
Top Definition
Synonym of 'wheels'.
Adjective describing males that are smooth with girls.
Hey, that guy is so smooth with her.
Yeah, propellers.
by willieGo December 11, 2010
The act of of moving your balls in a circular motion.
Everyone can do the helicopter, but I can do the propeller.
by The Geek Whisperer March 27, 2016
Like a small woman "spinning" on a cock, except she puts her arms out to the side.
My lady was spinning on my cock and then put her arms out. Looked just like a propeller.
by The full monty March 26, 2016
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