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The off message way to describe California's proposition 8 from the 2008 election year. This propostition banned marriages between people of the same sex, and defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

In enlightened gay right's circles,t calling it "prop h8" is frowned upon. The thought being that it only viliffies the opposition and makes it hard to open communication lines between the gay and striaght communities; thus actually making it harder to get people to vote for marriage equality. No one likes to be called names.

For the angry and short sighted political gays, this is a way to express the anger they feel towards the sometimes muted hatred that often colored the campaign rallies, literature, etc.
When Prop H8 passed, it hurt me, my community, and my family. I hope you never have to experience that.
by MissElf May 30, 2010
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