a hit, emmy nominated tv series on Bravo(soon to be featured on NBC) in which 15 fashion desingers take part in different fashion challenges, the person to perform the worst in each challenge will be eliminate until in the end three remain and face off with each of thier fashion line(representing them) on olympus fashion week, the winner wins a spread in elle magazine along with other prizes. it is basically an awesome show, it is so dramatic, funny, and simply exciting.
Beav: "Did you see project runway last night?"
Kid: "No, i was in the icu because i was in a state of a coma"
Beav: "Stupid kid you missed out on some crazy drama, jsut because you were about to die?"
kid: "sorry."
Beav: " NO...you deserve to die, sorry but it's the truth"
by Beaverly V. July 12, 2006
Top Definition
A reality show on Bravo produced by german lingerie model Heidi Klum.
The show starts off with 16 aspiring designers. Each episode they are given challenges. With minimal time to design and assemble a garment, thye must then fit their pieces to their assigned model and participate in a weekly runway show. The designer with the worst outfit/lowest score is "auf'd".
The final 3 contestants present at Olympus Fasion Week.
There is almost always drama, usually a designer being a douche to the rest, or a designer having a meltdown.
Many contestants are openly homosexual men.
Pretty much one of the best shows currently on TV.
"Dude, did you catch Project Runway last night?"
"Diva, what the hell was with Vincent's design?"
"That poor model. That was the fuglyiest hat i've ever seen."
"Heidi looks really pregant"
"yeah man."
"let's go watch"
by lesharkattaque July 16, 2006

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