Prohawk (n): Hair style worn by young males (typically late teens – early 20s; or those who wish to appear a similar age), professionally dressed wishing to appear mature and professional while maintaining a cooler, more popular image. Name is derived from a combination of the words mohawk and professional. The hair is formed from the sides to a point in the middle creating a ridge starting in the front and tapered to the back, usually with the use of large quantities of hair product.
David Beckham has a really cool prohawk.
by jmfredericks February 03, 2011
Top Definition
A faux hawk for working professionals. A prohawk is an office-ready version of the famous faux hawk haircut. Where a faux hawk, "...resembles the mohawk when styled but can also, if desired, appear to be a conventional male haircut," the prohawk's mohawk roots are virtually undetectable during business hours but can be styled to achieve faux hawk status for recreational purposes.
Chad: Wow, I couldn't tell you had a faux hawk during work today.

Cody: I know, it's a prohawk...just put it up in the bathroom.
by jbpohd September 07, 2009
A type of hair style that is similar to a mohawk but is styled in such a way so as to be acceptable in a professional environment.

Perfect for ex-punk rockers moving out of their parents basements and transitioning into the work place.
Dude 1- "Bro, Chuck totally sold out- he's working for the man now"

Dude 2- "No way dude (1), Chuck still rocks out. Just check out his sweet Pro Hawk"
by VonWeismann January 17, 2011
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