A type of art that is enjoyed by both guys and girls which has long since been forgotten in the public mind since the total commercialization of all music in the 1980s. Further legitimized rock and roll by mixing it with elements of jazz and classical music. However, most progressive rock fans fail to recognize that at the core of all progressive rock is the blues.

Progressive rock was perfected in the 1970s by the Canterbury Scene musicians. Contrary to popular belief, bands such as Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Rush and ELP are not the end-all, be-all of progressive rock.
1. Progressive rock that isn't blues-based is not progressive rock.
2. The Beatles did not invent progressive rock
by Angrymofo September 15, 2010
Complicated Early-70s extension to Classic Rock.

Girls don't like it! Because:
1) They can't shake their booty to the 7/4 or 5/8 time signatures
2) They can't imagine listening to any Improvisations on Brahms by a long haired ugly hippie in the 70s
3) Why do we want girls to like it. Prog is for solitary listening
Girl: What do you listen to, gangsta rap? Hip hop?
Boy: Na, I like old music
Girl: Ohh... Like Nirvana?
Boy: No, progressive rock. I don't think you'd understand
by Trey24 July 20, 2006
a form of rock developed in the late sixties that incorporates classical and jazz music elements. in the 70's-80's, it became extremely technical with such bands a Dream Theater. Some of the "epics" of progressive rock are over half an hour long. most guitarists who attempt to play these cry at the site of 40 pages of music and sell there instrument on ebay. progressive rock should not be attempted by the "newb" guitarist.
dream theater is progressive rock, a very technical type.
by shredhead77 December 31, 2010
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