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rogressive grammar consists of the following:
Using Tahoma, Century Gothic, or Arial as your font instead of Times New Roman.
Using the ampersand '&' instead of typing the word 'and'.
Using numbers as numbers & not spelling them out as words, ex. instead of typing the word 'three' you type the character '3'.
Using the percent symbol '%' instead of typing out the word 'percent'.

This type of grammar fits pretty much every definition of progressive. It saves time & resources & it's easier to read than traditional grammar.

But society is against progressive grammar because it's considered to be incorrect & most people grew up being forced to use traditional grammar. College professors are the strongest opponents of progressive grammar. They would much rather have a stupid asshole in their class that uses traditional grammar than a genius that is progressive with their grammar.
Progressive grammar saves time & money.

Why cant society start using progressive grammar?
That would make everything shorter & nicer looking.
by SlashinatorX October 26, 2011

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