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The disdain of a professor towards students who can grok the material without attending class. Professors afflicted with PMLS typically love to bask in the superiority implied by their Ph.D and generally dislike the prospect of a student possessing the ability to self learn material which they, at one time, struggled with dearly, without the aid of their divine guidance. Frequently, this manifests itself in the form of mark theft via borderline ethical methods such as questionable exams.
A: Dude, I was dishing PWNage all over this exam but I took a huge hit on this random question about some elephant Dr. Smith saw on his vacation to Africa.

B: OH! He told us in that impromptu weekend extra help tutorial that the weight of the elephant was 12,345lbs and winked at us.

A: I see his Professor Missing Link Syndrome is acting up again.
by NachoBeez October 24, 2010
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