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(1) Generalized term for a middle aged douchebag residing in the pacific northwest. Hobbies include working as an IT peeon, posting audio clips of failed American Idol demo tapes on the internet and generally living up to the acne ridden WoW playing virgin stereotype which is the IT "professional".
(2) Term used by aforementioned individual in a sad attempt to appear "edgy" or "hard" during failed attempts at the human mating ritual.
(3) 16th Century Scottish term for violent bloody diarrhea.
(1) That guy who couldn't fix my printer problems was a real profanity facuet
(2) Hey baby, you must have some plumber crack cuz' this profanity faucet is bro-o-ken
(3) I had a touch o' the ol' profanity faucet last night mate, musta been that there chicken yous wife neer' cooked right
#douchebag #it #gregory #negative #washout #failure
by Catalysis April 23, 2010
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