the act procrastinating, thus joining a nation of other procrastinators in your attempts to put off your work. often exclaimed loudly when the person realizes they are procrastinating or told to friends via text message or facebook status. can sometimes be said in unison if two or more people are procrastinating together.

-guy 1- hey man, have you finished that history paper yet?

-guy 2- no way, ive been watching TV all night. Procrasination Nation!


-guy 1- im totally procrastinating right now, i haven't even started on a project thats due tomorrow.

-guy 2- me neither. im just gonna play Xbox or watch tv.

-guy 1 and 2- (in unison) Procrastination Nation!
by steeevo12345 October 25, 2009
Top Definition
A nation full of procrastination
"How is your class's progress?"
"Its procrastination Nation; Nothing has been done!'
by Queen Levine January 22, 2009
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