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A female who Primarily offers BDSM services for a fee, but *not necessarily* sex.

Not to be confused with a 'Dominatrix' who Primarily offers sexual services, but with a BDSM component.

A Pro-Domme will generally be more serious about the BDSM lifestyle where as a Dominatrix will generally be a prostitute who has found a niche market

Domme is the female version of 'Dom', which itself is simply a shortened version of 'Dominant
The Countess is a Pro-Domme who runs a Club in the East End.
by regular_carpet June 11, 2010
also see pro-domme

a 'professional dominant' (Domme is the female version of Dom.... both of which are short for 'dominant')

a prodomme is a woman who offers BDSM domination for a fee. Unlike a Dominatrix a Prodomme is not a prostitute. Sexual intercourse will not usually be on offer.
The prodomme ground her heel into her clients face
by victim_of_malice July 06, 2010
professional dominatrix, i.e. a female who is trained in the art of female domination for BDSM role play, and charges an hourly fee (like an escort) for sessions with male submissives.
"I'm looking for a powerful, compassionate pro domme who can provide slave training of the highest caliber to a novice like me."
by yazagolo May 23, 2004
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