One who is good at nothing else in life and has to resort to playing online games to make friends and get "respect".
"I cant wait till we die... then we can live in games!" - big perm 2004
by big perm July 07, 2004
The entire Raven Shield community.
Since we are pro gamers, we do nothing but sit at our computers and bitch on clanboard.
by Mizzasta July 21, 2004
200 legal hours in 2 week.... Scrimmin with all the best clan out there and just havin fun bashing on n00bz. There is nothin like the feelin of a fresh teen booty.... i mean a single shot of a 44 and killing a sniper.
LegacY turns from cal-o scrub to cal-m like skill in a small amount of time. Non-stop playing in locked box and puggin and everything....
by Jason July 07, 2004
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