Short for Prismacolors, as in Prismacolor Colored Pencils. Arty Nerds always talk about their really expensive colored pencils.
Someone: That's a really kickass drawing.
Me: Duh.
Someone: Did you do all that with colored pencils?
Me: Prismas....nevermind.
by Aleah July 15, 2005
Top Definition
Prisma is a not a comman name, but when you find one of these girls you have to never lose them in your life. Because they are just drop dead beautiful with the intelligence to go with it. She'll always be loyal and never hurt your feelings. She'll help u reach your goals in life and support you in everything. she has the best personality, she can crack a joke and turn around and be completely serious with an important topic. Shes perfect. So dont lose the prisma in your life.
By just seeing Prisma today, she made my day.
by Lil'd August 16, 2012
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