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A name derived from DBZ character vegeta. It combines the strength and appearence of a male anime character with the female sex.
Also a beloved admin of a Dutch forum and despite her claims, she prefers TNT over Anakin.
The name is often replaced by a simple PV.
PrincessVegeta blew up the planet with her Final Flash.
PrincessVegeta works hard to keep the forum in working
by TNT March 08, 2005
Hardworking webmaster of an anime-site and an even harder working administrator on the board that goes with it.
She is the best friend one could ever have. She is very kind.
She has a bodyguard named Anakin who protects her from his archnemesis TNT, who thinks PrincessVegeta prefers him over Anakin
PrincessVegeta has put her heart and soul in the DBZ-Media forum.
PrincessVegeta has uploaded most of the media found on her anime-site.
by Anakin March 09, 2005
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