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The princess queens are a little, pretty people: tiny on the outside, loud and smelly on the backside. The princess queen likes to eat food, daydream about food, eat food and think about food while eating food. The princess queen often has unbearably cool, 'special' sibblings whose nonchalant awesomeness she often tries to emulate, but to no avail, as she cannot hide her questionable taste in music and her shameful love of pink things. Yet beyond that pretty, flat smile, lies just enough crazy to make her one of the cool kids - no sane person would choose such a nonsensical title, wear it with so much pride and convince oneself that it's a thing when clearly, it is not. The sun shines on this little people, and so it should.
People gathered to celebrate the princess queen's two week long birthday. All hail the princess queen!
by Ploup.e May 29, 2012
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