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King Kahuna's son who thinks he can make a mod in 9 days but actually knows nothing about coding. Also loves to swear like a machine and suck KK's dick
princekahuna: 9 days till voogru is screwd
PRIMER+: why is voogru screwd?
princekahuna: drunken f00l and avatar-x will help me to make a mod for ns 2.0
by Gungsta-Pasta August 02, 2003
Idiot son of king kahuna. Got no brain at all, has a very small brain and thinks he can code something like NSAdmin in 9 days. Trying to hack the voogru community site.
Prince Kahuna's brain: .
by KahunaHunter August 15, 2003
Not too bad of a guy to know, but he's dumb and from the south, shaves his balls, and thinks that he is a 1337 C++ and mod coder. Also plays TFC and sucks at it, and sucks at mapping too.
Prince Kahuna: Why is QBSP giving me leak errors?

Kamikazebadger2: Maybe... BECAUSE Y
by Kamikaze Badger December 25, 2003
king kahuna's son who made a definition for himself because nobody likes him anyway
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
A good comm wannabe who always ruins games because he knows nothing.
pRiNcE_kAhUnA: wait, how do i upgrade weapons again?
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
King Kahuna's dumb gay ass son
A person that knows nothing about comming.
by klg-hunter August 15, 2003
Dumb idiot son of King Kahuna, who won the award for most idiot of a father of a dumb fux.
Prince Kahuna : Omg i dropped a comm chair im elite!!!
by Kahunakilla June 10, 2003