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A whole number that can be divided exactly by FOUR numbers. For example, 5 is a prime number, because 5 leaves no remainder when divided by 1, –1, –5, and 5. Also, known as "prime."
Most school teachers preach the false mathematical gospel that a prime number (or prime) can only be divided by two whole numbers, say, the number 5 is divisible by 1 and 5 only—it doesn't have two, but four divisors.
by MathPlus June 21, 2016
Also known as Numeros Primos, this is a rare species, it is a part of the larger class of Natural Numbers, which turn out to all be made of primes. Primes have the special property that they are only divisible by one and themselves. This of course means 2 is the only even prime, which makes it the oddest of them all.
Prime Number: 2^237156667-1
by SuperReallyGoodAtMathGuy December 19, 2008
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