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When as children, mainly in elementary/primary school
two people really like each other, but were stopped by forces larger to them, such as coodies or cooties. Crush is the beginnings of 'like', 'like-like' or 'love'

It involved playing tiggy or tag, where the young confused male would be mean to girls, e.g. push her off swimming pool floatation devices, or throw rocks at.

This could lead to puppy love
little boy : she is my crush.. so im going to be mean to her
little girl : he's so mean to me, don't like him

Sarena : "OMG its Gab!! my primary crush!! I haven't seen you in so many years!" *glomp*

Gab : " ehh ... oh? OHHHH Linh Lam!! the first girl I ever liked, my primary crush! *glomp!*

Sarena : i wuvy wuv youuu shooo muchhh

Gab : Ditto
by mrmeanie25 June 06, 2010
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The person who you like more than other people... If you have more than one crushes, this is the one who you think about the most.
"Okay, you like Josh, Andrew and Nick???"
"Yup, but Josh is my primary crush."
by missscarr May 18, 2009

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