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This right here is my swag
All the aunties are on me, damn
Everybody pay attention
This right here is my pretty brown swag (ayeee)
Pretty brown swag(ayye)x3
Aunties on my grade when I pretty brown swag
Uncles scream my name when I pretty brown swag
Watch me pretty brown swag (ayye)x4
Aunties on my grades when I pretty brown swag
Uncles scream my name when I pretty brown swag

Curry Boy
Get out the wayy
Pretty brown comin' thru
Me and my crew we stinkin up the room
Girls on my heavy 'cause I look so sexy
Yellow sari shawty in the club straight flexin
I'm lookin' for a big samosa
Thick in the potato come and get in my car
You party with a star we take off and go to class
Pretty brown take off in


Curry Boy
I'm pretty brown swaggin' in the club I feel sexy, (yes homo)
Yes homo shawty but my chest is straight flexin (flexin)
Bindi on my head, the colleges choose me (choose me)
She makes nice curry and the lassi is fruity (fruity)
Took her to my condo let the girl cook
Then she got the books, from the lassi she sipped (turban)
Damn I like the way indian girl show that sass
She pretty girl studyin while I pretty brown swag

Mr. President has pretty brown swag

That uncle does not have pretty brown swag

My turban has pretty brown swag

Why does Shingal have so much pretty brown swag?

Mr. Kumar has pretty brown swag
by Hershey bar, mewtwo, rkoar November 09, 2011
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