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Presque Isle is a small, friendly community in Northern Maine, near the border of Canada. It is typically confused with being in Southern Maine because of its name, which is pretty much French for "Almost an Island". It really couldn't be further from the truth as it is mainly potato farms, windmills, moose, and trees!
Her: Hi! So where are you from?
Me: Up in Presque Isle, Maine :)
Her: Oh! So you're on the coast! I've always wanted to visit there!
Me: Uhh, no. Presque Isle is actually in Northern Maine... in the moose territory... near Canada...
Her: Oh...
by the nicksta January 07, 2011
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It is a nice smallish city in NORTHERN Maine, and with a population of about 10,000 give or take a hundred, People in Presque Isle are very nice, and yes there are high taxes, but it is better and than living in a junk town, anyways I am from Presque Isle and we have a very good time hunting moose, deer, and etc. oh and being angry at tourists for buying up all of the land, and there are surrounding towns around Presque Isle like Caribou, Mapleton, and others. And I haven't really met people who were truly racist, and only a couple of people who were drunks and stuff. And so Don't make fun of it, because it is true, I have at least a couple of guns in my house for hunting, but so do so many other people in northern maine. And we do have awsome accents. And our High School team is called Wild Cats.
Guy 1:Hey didn't Presque Isle High School beat Caribou in hockey.

Guy 2:Yea we did.

Her: Do you want to go to the mall in Presque Isle?

Him: Yea I do.
by Dylanhack1 January 19, 2011
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a small town in maine very close to canada
i am from presque isle
by RizzyGrizzy June 11, 2008
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