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small city in Northern Maine.
mostly everyone is nice, There is alot of hot people there. Some people think people from Maine are hicks, but they are most defiantly not.
they have there Emos, preps, jbocks, Teachers pets, BIs, Gays, Lesbians, Geeks, and Slackers ect.
People there can be there selves.
The schools are amazing compared to some others in the state.
Yes the Maine is known for hunting and eating potatoes, but its not all like that.
Since Presque Isle is a city they are not hicks. there normal city people but nicer!!!!
person 1- "hey i heard your going up to Presque Isle Maine for the summer!"
person 2- "Yeah I cant wait! that place is awesome."
preson 1."lucky I wish I could go!"
by lillyssa11 March 24, 2011

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