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Those who attend Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth are know for having high standards and wealthy lifestyles.
Presbyterian Ladies College is the sister school of the well known and loved Scotch College.
Other school are known for being jealous or envious of girls who attend Presbyterian Ladies College.
Girls who go to PLC (as it is better know), tent to be extremely beautiful, well brought up, and have good reputation with the guys from other schools.
Others who are not as fortunate, attend such schools as, St Mary's, St Hilda's and MLC.
Guy1: Look at that hot PLC girl
Guy2: Yeah she's way better than that St Mary's chick.


Girl1: Hey is that girl from PLC?
Girl2: Shit lets bail.

Girl1: I wish i could have gon to Presbyterian Ladies College
Hale Guy1: Me too.
#presbyterian ladies college #scotch college #mlc #st hildas #st marys #hot #sexy #cool
by gigglegirl4.4565 August 29, 2010
These are girls that are up them selves and there nicknames are prostitutes last chance and there are many more! some maybe pretty but most of them are sluts and bitch about everyone even there closest friends. There just a waste of your time and are stuck up snobs and their daddy's just pay for everything and flash their money in everyones faces.

The best schools to go to are St Mary's, St Hildas and every other girls school :)
Presbyterian Ladies College = basically a prostitutes last chance
#presbyterian ladies college #st hildas #st mary's #girls #sluts #nick names
by lalalalallalallaalovveeeeeee August 30, 2010
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