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more commonly known as just spaz to exonians, evil prep(freshman) p.e. at Phillips Exeter Academy that is required if the student is not accepted onto a varisty or junior varsity team for a given term.
I didn't make it onto the J.V. lacrosse team, so i'm stuck in prep spaz for the term.
by Melz October 07, 2006
The sad two formats, occurring four times a week out of the six day class week, designated for preplings. These preplings did not have the ability to make it onto a JV or Varsity team, so unfortunately they are reduced to spending their time Prep Spaz. In this time, they cycle through the season's sport offerings. Seemingly a joke to many Exonians.
Person 1: I'll be Prep Spazzing it up this whole year.

Person 2: Oh, I'm sorry.
by calciumsupplements June 19, 2011