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n. a male of upper-class origin who looks down upon other males/females as tools/bitches.
Daily Life:
-takes 24 necks a day
-can max out at 124 dip clicks per hour
-often says, "fuck this, lets bench!!!"
-uses 'lax' and 'sick' to modify the word 'beast' (used an average of 3928 times per day)
-do not live the 4th
-usually went to 'mater dei'
-normally a selfless heartless bastard that cares nothing for others of the same species, especially the sick and weak
-friday night attire - pastel colored polo w/ popped coller
-a prep ass wrestles by running the curto series (puling armpit hair, eye gouging, biting, pinching etc.)
-constantly sarcastic (usually by using the phrase 'ah...beast' or 'ah...weird')

TJ: Dude Tebo, give me your neck you tool!!!!

Tebo: Man come on my house was flooded you prep ass!!

Tj: I am going to eat your soul!!

(Later Tebo has to go to the hospital for a broken neck)

Drew: Hey bitch give me dome!!!

Girl 1: NO, your a prep ass!!!

Drew: (to the next girl) Hey you give me dome!!

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