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Used to describe something that is extraordinarily well done but completely made up, yet total appropriate for the situation. Something that appears to be totally legit and/or of professional quality. This is often characterized by using a bunch of fancy words and filling in the rest with empty/meaningless words. Can describe something that someone said or wrote.
John: Can you proof read my essay for me? It's a personal reflection of the significance of observation.
Blake: Dude, this is an epic paper, but it is full of premium bull! How do you get by coming up with this bull without knowing a single thing you are talking about?
John: Haha, welcome to creativity 101!

Adam: That speaker really knows his subject! I am convinced.
Greg: What! He doesn’t even know what he is talking about. All he knows is a bunch of fancy words and the rest is all just some premium bull!
Adam: Well, it still sounded good.
by Nightsparks September 30, 2011
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