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Noun. Accidentally clicking "send" in an email or text before one has completed it or finished editing it, resulting in a less satisfying or embarrassing experience for both sender and receiver. At best, results in confusing truncated messages or typos; at worst, results in social, economic or political suicide.
When trolling for a booty call late at night, Andrew forwards the same text to multiple women. He frequently suffers from premature sendulation, accidentally leaving the wrong woman's name in the text and ensuring instant rejection.

Caitlin didn't realize she'd committed premature sendulation when she sent an email thread to her manager without stripping some choice words about her boss from the thread. She was fired.
by August Stockton August 30, 2012
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The sending of a text message mid-thought or before reaching the desired conclusion.
text to friend: "heh, wanna mee"

reply text: "huh?"

text to friend: "sorry, had a premature sendulation. Wanna meet for lunch?"
by Frisco Babe July 27, 2009
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