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1. When a couple spend the night together and one half bolts/ ups and leaves before breakfast or even the dawn chorus. 2. When your on a train and its not massively packed but still the person sitting/ standing next to you feels the need to get up way too early for the next stop, even though they have no luggage and it involves barging people out the way who are getting off at the same stop anyway. 3. When a guy or girl leaves the party or dinner really early.
1. Katie: er yeh so he seemed really into me and we talked about spending the next day together but then after we fooled around in bed he just seemed to up and leave' Carl: ar yes 'premature upulation' 2. Dan: dude why the heck has that man got up already, its 10 mins to the next stop, its not going to make him get there any earlier. Sid: yeh he's got premature upulation 3. Wilson: Er seriously what is wrong with Ted, he is so dull these days he has total premature upulation. You go for dinner or a party with him and he just ups and leaves after 30 minutes.
by Salster88 January 12, 2012
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