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When you're being chased by a ghost in Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man and you quickly turn around after thinking you ate a Power Pellet, just to find out you didn't eat it. You end up losing a life.

This happens more in the higher speed levels because you try to eat the Power Pellet and then eat ghosts as fast as possible.

Premature Paculation DOES NOT refer to the wasting of Power Pellets
Dude: HEY! How come you just ran into that ghost on purpose?

Guy: I didn't mean to, it was Premature Paculation.

Dude: Oh, what's that?

Guy: I thought I went far enough to eat the Power Pellet but i turned around too quickly and the ghost wasn't edible.
#premature #paculation #ms. pac-man #pac-man #pac #man #ghost #power pellet
by troggy1009 January 18, 2009
Is a condition that occurs while playing Miss Pacman and/or Pacman when a player prematurely eats a power pellit before any ghost are near, resulting only 0 ghost being eaten. The condition most commonly occurs in early boards.
Josh: "I'm not going to get my extra man this board because of premature paculation."

Jon: "Yeah, you suck!"
#miss #pacman #premature #games #power #pellet #ghost #arcade
by VreeJ August 18, 2007
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