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The act of isolating a girl at a bar, club, party, or other social engagement well before the necessary time that is required to actually close or seal it.

Defined as running an isolation set on a girl earlier in occurrence than anticipated or necessary. Usually involves the act of trapping the desired hoe in a particular spot or corner of sed establishment for an exorbitant amount of time.

See also: "Pulling a Kennedy"
Have you ever heard of premature isolation bro, you wanna win the championship you run ISO late in the game, not a Heat game.

Everyone know you only go ISO late in the 4th, what is this kid doing he's been talking to the same girl over there and hasn't moved for 4 hours, and its only midnight!

Look at the dude over there premature isolating, he has had that cutie pinned down for hours and hasn't talked to anyone else...what a fag.

OMG look at this freaking Kennedy running premature isolation likes it his job, that poor poor girl has been stuck in the corner of the bar all night!
by Snach_Crusher October 31, 2012
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