To stimulate one's genitals while using the other free hand to rub one's turban pretending it's a hairy boob and fingering one's ear pretending it's a vagina.
Dude i think i'm not so depressed i'll die a virgin anymore. Having prem sessions is way better.
by pukiiiiii December 27, 2010
The state in which a girl is more moody before her period than during.
"She is so freaking moody today! She practically ripped my head off! She's not even on her period yet!"
"She must be PreMSing today"
by nebajin May 12, 2010
A prem is a grotesque and smelly creature that is mixture of a rat and a pig. It is often spotted in mountains by travelers. It is known to be quite aggressive but can be tamed if given vegetables.
OMG! I could have sworn I'd seen a prem while I was shitting!

Look at that guy! Ugggh he is nearly as ugly as prem!
by randicouta November 16, 2012
Prem is a term derived from 'premature', meaning undeveloped. It is used to describe teenage boys that have not yet hit puberty, i.e they are short and beardless with an unbroken voice, this deems them unattractive. 'Prem' can also be used to describe short girls with no boobs, although it is less common being used in this form.
'I would never lipse that boy, he's too prem and ting'
by Cows August 24, 2006
A fucking shit, of a kid, who always acts like they have class, but in reality they don't.
look there's prem
by Yak attack May 05, 2013
a boy i know who i think may not believe in santa... he is taller then me.... hes very good at chemistry...he makes me CDs and smile
oh prem u do make me laugh, but i do not understand your sarcasm
by secret admirer June 13, 2004
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