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Liking or disliking something, especially, but not limited to a YouTube video, before you see it entirely.
Guy 15 seconds into watching '10 minutes of Hitler saying 'Nein!''
Guy: Oh my God, this video is awesome! *preemptive like*

*1 minute later*

Guy: This is so boring...
by Riot man October 14, 2011
Liking someone's post on Facebook so that they feel obligated to like your subsequent comment in return.

Do you think I'm proud of this? My life is a disaster.
1. You like John Doe's photo (preemptive like)
2. You: <possibly clever or funny comment>
3. John Doe likes your comment on their photo
4. A minor increase in self-esteem that quickly fades away
by Random Name Goes Here November 24, 2013

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