Slang / Shortened version of Prima Donna.
You are being such a preem right now.

She wore sunglasses inside all day. What a preem.
by marisaissuchatrendsetter November 07, 2011
Top Definition
To preem is the act of being so horny that you precum.

The more litteral sense of cumming your pants.

Nobody cums their pants unless they are on a Tokyo Subway but you would totally preem yourself over the girl across the road.
Chris: Look at Morgans ex over there flirting with Katie.
Paul: Yeah, he's preem'n.
by Arpaburch Cup January 16, 2011
Slang word used to describe something that is "Premium" or the top of the line. Can be used to describe just about anything.

Johnny: ay homie, check out these new kicks i copped at the sto(re)...

Big Syke: yoooo son, them shits is preems


D-Boy: Anybody lookin' to grab? You know I always got that preems chronic, dat piff...

Fiend: worrrddd, yo can you front me a quarter homie? I don't got the scrilla right now mang..

D-Boy: you best get your broke ass up out my face homeboi, this chi-town's finest, and i ain't goin' out like no sucka
by DatDude15 August 06, 2009
Preem means something sweet. Shortened version of preemo.

"Fuck yea, that's preem!"
"I'm gettin' wasted tonight, it's gonna be preem!"
by Magzzz July 26, 2006
Another word for gay.
Omg, that guy is soo preem watching America's next top model.
by Chikoy September 07, 2012
Word that annoying little preteens use to sound cool. Supposed to mean awkward but really makes you sound like a dumbass if you use it. Symbol of social awkwardness.
That preem moment when you use preem.
by imsonotpreem February 27, 2011
short for premium
means awkward
Person 1: Olive juice.
Person 2: I love you too
Person 3: Preem!
by thatwaspreem February 27, 2011
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