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The act of (while during sex) telling your female that you are going down on her. Before eating your female out, secretly put in a long-cut dip without her knowledge and proceed to perform oral sex. During oral sex, slowly transfer the dip from your mouth with your tongue into the vaginal orifice. Afterwards proceed to have sex in order to push the contents deeper into the vagina. Finally, pretend to care about her healthy menstruation cycle and insert a tampon in the vagina so that the substance is kept sealed (think cork and wine bottle).
"Dude, I gave that bitch some precious cargo last night."

"I think Tommy gave me some precious cargo last night cause i'm still light-headed and he cared about my menstruation cycle."

"I had to douche my pussy six times last night to get all the precious cargo out."
by Buzz Lightweight May 11, 2013
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