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Pre-Midterm Procrastination Disease (PMPD for short) is a disease reserved especially for the week before Midterms.
College and High School students are extremely vulnerable.
The most popular symptoms of the disease include:

Updating your facebook every 5-10 minutes hoping someone will reply.

Checking your emails constantly, hoping someone will send you something.

Texting your buddies for answers on test reviews and praying your teacher won't compare your work.

Speed reading your notes and claiming to your professor you've "studied well."

Crying for no apparent reason.

Writing papers at 2 in the morning.

Getting "distracted" constantly because of hunger or thirst.

There is one effective cure to this phenomenon.
The only possible cure is the winter break after testing, where students only have to really worry if they passed their midterms or not.
Girl: Hey, did you study for all of your midterms yet?
Guy: Nah, I'm suffering from Pre-Midterm Procrastination Disease.
by Moma Laquifa December 13, 2009
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