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A Prank show on Beyluxe Messenger.They have been on NBC news for getting hotel guest to break there windows.
I was in pranknet's chat room the other day and they got people breaking window's! I was LOLing so hard
by polarbearrrr July 19, 2009
A bunch of nerds living with their Moms who think its cool to humiliate, degrade and abuse people through the medium of 'prank calls'.
Wow, you're such a pranknet, I bet you've never been laid.
by Caprioso July 17, 2010
A cool radio show in which the host, Skream9, prank calls people live over the internet.
Dude I was listening to pranknet last night and this kid Nate got owned!
by Original Prankster July 14, 2003