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The place that is run by some egomaniac paki who is ashamed of his own race. He is the biggest douchebag you will ever meet. Pranku actually used to be a cool place until the asshole banned all of the admins that did prank calls in there. Now it's just little kids from 4chan
Dex:"If you don't tell me I am your master you are banned from PrankU!"
by donkeypuchcrane March 13, 2011
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A prank calling chat on a web messenger that no one in the world has heard of. For the people they include cranky british guys, douchebags who suck at prank calling, and a crack whore called Divaaa who is worshipped by over half of the chat. She sounds more like a man than Bastian. They enjoy telling people in the chat to fuck off when they ask for a prank call. Also Divaaa likes to fuck alot because she says it alot, your welcome pedofiles.

They also raid craigslist until they find some stupid ad that they wont get anywhere with.
On Pranku voice chat:
*Divaaa talks*
Random Guy: I hope that was a girl talking.
Divaaa: *Her manly ass voice* Yes because this is the voice of a boy.
by TheAnonymousLurker February 03, 2011
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