A mad scientist who longs to destroy the world.
Your being such a pranay, stop building this doomsday device!
by Ashik April 21, 2005
Top Definition
The coolist brown dude ever on the face of the planet and excellent at boom boom.
you wish you could be a pranay but youz a foo.
by Brown man September 01, 2004
a word given to an indian man describing him as very good looking. it is a man who has looks that are vibrant and original. they are brad pitt/grotge clooney esque looks!
Wow, he was pranay good looks!
by SoBryan January 13, 2009
A kind person of Indian origin (usually an NRI), who has an Indian name and Indian religion, and always rejects his race, their culture, etc. and calls himself american.
Sanjeev(Some random NRI who comes to India): Sachin tendulkar is not at all good.
True Indian: Stop being (a) Pranay.
by shady10 November 12, 2013
someone whos penis grows inside of their anus
usually referred to an animal or ape
by PriK February 16, 2010
Spanish speaking immigrant and horrible at "boom, boom!"
You are such a Pranay!
by Pranay December 01, 2003
The biggest faggotin the world.
"Guy, my game is so tiiigghht"
"Shut up Pranay"
by akhil May 08, 2005
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