When you bust one on a girl's face so hard it removes her makeup.
Man I had makeup all over the bed cause I powerwashed that bitch last night!
by Fo3 April 01, 2011
Top Definition
To forcefully use ones urine to cleanse the toilet of any fecal remnants from a prior bowel movement
Dude, why do your shits stick to the bowl like that. I'm not always gonna be there to powerwash em away.
by robbodobbo August 25, 2009
To ejaculate onto a woman's face so forcefully that it distorts her makeup, like a powerwasher pushing dirt off the side of a house.
"I offered to power wash Mrs. Johnson's house for $100, but she didn't have any money so she paid by letting me power wash her."
by Mr. Lang June 08, 2009
The act of performing anal sex on a woman, then putting your penis in her mouth and receiving a blow job immediately after without cleaning it off.
I pounded Sara in the ass for 30 minutes then she put my junk in her mouth and blew me. Chick gave me a power wash!
by Andy_W February 13, 2007
The act of coming all over a girls asshole after having sex doggy style.
I bent Stefanie over the counter and fucked her from behind and powerwashed her good when I was done!
by bucknasty802 December 22, 2011
When a person shits their pants and cleans it by pissing onto the stain.
Johnny accidentally pooped himself and had no option but to power wash it with his own urine.
by big al 69 August 02, 2013
taking a shower immediately upon 'giving birth' to a particularly messy 'def'
shit! this def left a terrible mess in my rump (such a silly word!) i'm going to have to power wash!

power washing is the only way i'm going to clean this dung!!

upon 'blowing one', i soon realized it was going to require a power wash
by michael foolsley February 12, 2010
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