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Highly attractive mother figure in a position of power / responsibility
Sarah Palin is an excellent example of a powermilf
by ronenige November 15, 2009
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A *MILF who is very successful. The kind you'd see in a Mercedes Benz and the sort that wear high heels with ladies suits. Their suits are often very suggestive and leave little to the imagination.

All the boys and some of the girls want these women very very badly.
Spice went down the the school just before finishing time to pick up her son who was a prep.

As Spice got out of her SL500 all the boys near by instantly wanted to be with her.

Spice made all the other mothers very jealous.

She was such a Power MILF that if ever her son's prep friends came over for a play date their older brothers, who were often in high school would come to pick them up.

One one occasion she proved to be so much of a Power MILF that she cock-knocked & cunt-punched the husband/wife owners of the local restaurant. She did this because she felt her salad did not have enough carrot and because one of her chips was burnt.
by Hodgeington February 04, 2010
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