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(1.) A set of lyrics in music, particularly the rock and metal genres, that attempt to use emotionally charged and/or "intelligent" words and phrases to give the listener the illusion that they are listening to a meaningful song.

(2.) Lyrics in a song that primarily involve "intelligent" words written for the sole purpose of convincing the listener that the author, contrary to popular belief, is the Einstein of the particular song's subject matter.
(1.) The crowd was appalled when the vocalist screamed obvious power phrases, the worst being one song's chorus of "we raped the nation through subjugation."

(2.) The musician's ignorance concerning the inner workings of politics was hidden by his dictionary as he tossed in the power phrase "we don't need your hypocrisy, execute real democracy."
by Scientastic January 02, 2011
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Tank version of the word paraphrase by people lacking in englishness/engrish
There are too many quotes to remember, I think I'm going to Power phrase
by goofygoober009 October 25, 2012
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