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50 Cent a.k.a. Curtis Jackson's originally planned debut album to be released in 1999 under Columbia Records. Filled with 18 tracks of surprisingly good material by 50, this album is considered by many to be an unheard hip-hop classic. Two singles were officially released, "How to Rob" as a street single, and "Life's on the Line", which is a Murder Inc. diss, as a proper single with a video. "Thug Love", with Beyonce, was slated to be released as the second official single, but was cut short due to 50's infamous shooting by Homocide. During 50's recovery, he called Columbia and let them know he was ready to get back to promotion and things of the sort. He then received the bad news that Columbia was deshelving his album, and dropping him from the label due to bad publicity, and Tone and Poke (Trackmasters) felt it was dangerous for them to be associating themselves with a man who was just shot 9 times by an infamous hitman.

Tracklisting is as follows:
The Hit
The Good Die Young
Corner Bodega
Your Life's On The Line
That Ain't Gangsta
As The World Turns
Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me)
Da Repercussions
Money By Any Means
Material Girl 2000
Thug Love
Slow Dough
Gun Runner Skit
You Ain't No Gangsta
Power Of The Dollar
I'm a Hustler
How To Rob
Person 1: "Yo, you heard that Power of the Dollar?"
Person 2: "Yeah that unreleased hot shit by 50?"
Person 1: "Hell yeah!"
by Da Carp November 10, 2006
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