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A poorly-conducted anti-drug campaign that aims to convince kids (via in-classroom surveys) that no one at their school is doing drugs.

The organization is best known for its "Stall Street Journals," which are hung awkwardly in bathroom stalls and often include innovative slogans like "87% of your peers prefer to date someone who DOESN'T SMOKE."

Since the surveys are conducted in classrooms, students often misrepresent themselves and their drug habits for fear of getting caught (or, if they are not drug users, for the thrill of lying).
Kris: As a freshman, I was honest on the Power of Choice survey.
As a sophomore, I said I was a Latina female who uses cocaine once per week.
As a junior, I said I was an Asian male who would prefer to date a smoker and who does not smoke himself.
This year, I'll either be a Native-American female whose parents don't ask where she goes at night, or a Caucasian male who uses ecstasy once per month.

I haven't decided yet.
by ANAANAANA February 02, 2011
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