Australian slang meaning to force yourself to vomit so you can continue to drink alcohol, often in between rounds of a drinking game.
"Go for a power munt before the next round of boat races!"
by Fulcher March 10, 2007
Top Definition
Derived from munt (to vomit), a power munt is any regurgitation that is of such awe inspiring force that it requires the adjective "power" placed in front of it to convey the immense volume of the munterial and the violent manner in which it was dispelled from the body through a combination of the mouth, nose and, in extreme cases, the eyes. Something to be proud of the morning after.
Arts student 1: Dude, you just powermunted!
Arts student 2: Where am i?
Arts student 1: Man, if u didn't open your mouth it would have blown your head off!
Arts student 2: My mouth tastes like munt
Arts student 1: Here, this vodka will get rid of the taste
by Nick (goon boy) March 18, 2007
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