Official Rules of "POWER DREIDEL!"
-Form a circle with 3 or more people, taking turns, clockwise.
-The game requires 2 dreidels. 1 main dreidel & 1 bonus dreidel.
-Set aside a large cup as the community chalice & fill with 1 drink of beer at the beginning of the game.
-Set one shot of liquor beside community chalice.

-Spin main dreidel. If it lands on...
Gimmel: Take 1 drink.
Hay: Pour 1 drink of your beverage into community chalice.
Nun: Give 1 drink to person of choice.
Shin: Drink all contents of community chalice
...OR risk it & spin the BONUS DREIDEL!

-The bonus dreidel allows a person who spun Shin a chance to avoid drinking the community chalice.

-Spin the bonus dreidel. If it lands on...
Nun: Choose someone else to drink community chalice.
Shin: Drink all contents of community chalice AND the shot of liquor.
Gimmel/Hay: Drink the community chalice.

-Any time the community chalice and/or shot is emptied, refill with a respective drink of beer and shot.

-When someone spins the bonus dreidel, form a circle, do a Hasidic style dance, and loudly chant "BO-NUS DREI-DEL, BO-NUS DREI-DEL, BO-NUS DREI-DEL!"
-All participants vary drink types to make community chalice less desirable.
-Specify a designated bonus dreidel guardian who is the official caretaker of the bonus dreidel.
"Dude, that Power Dreidel game got me so drunk last night that I put on a Santa Claus costume and made love to a Christmas tree!"
by Power Dreidel King December 16, 2012
Drinking Game played with four dreidels. At players turn, player spins four dreidels and does each action associated with the symbol.

Nun - Nothing happens

Hai - (Beer) Drink Half of your beer. (Mixed Drink) Drink once and spin again. (Liquor) Half shot

Gimel - Give a drink to someone else.

Shin - (Beer) Chug it. (Mixed Drink) Take three. (Liquor) Take a shot.

"Dude, that game of Power Dreidel last night was crazy! We got wasted so fast!"
by Jesse Conti December 10, 2006

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