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In reference to someone who is snotty and ill-mannered, with poor dress ethic and a slight speech impediment.
"Dude, do you see what she's wearing?"
"Yeah, she looks so Powell."

"He spit on the waiter instead of tipping him."
"God, he's so Powell."

"I'm not sure if that was english..."
"He's got a lisp, man."
by anarchist49 December 18, 2009
10 41
v. To incorrectly pronounce one's own name, often in an embarrassing way.

etym. Named after Colin Powell, fmr. US Secretary of State, who would often pronounce his name as 'colon', the same as the word for one's lower bowel.
I often powell my name since it's foreign and people can't say its true pronunciation.
by herrfous June 15, 2006
19 71
The super heavyweight and unlimited class of fat chicks. Women that need to get transported in the back of pick-up trucks. These women are extremely large and morbidly obese. Much larger then the smaller species of Walters.
"Damn, that chick is so huge she has her own gravitational pull! She is definitly a Powell"
by angrypersian September 17, 2007
40 99