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In other words- 'Hit it and quit it'.
When an individual stumbles upon a random stranger and decides to perform sexual intercourse on the particular creature, the pounce is accomplished. Hopefully no one was diseased. (The pounce appears to occur most frequently while intoxicated.) They then hastily gather their belongings, and leave the room. The bounce has officially been completed. Unfortunately, the bouncer often experiences a walk of shame following their departure.
Morgan: "Where have you been?"
Jane: "Uhh.."
Morgan: "And where is your shoe?"
Jane: "Pounce and bounce.."
Morgan: "That doesn't explain the shoe.."
Jane: "I was trying to avoid a walk of shame, so I ran... and I lost my shoe on the quad coming back to the dorm."
Morgan: "Nicely done, Cinderella."
by Morgan2 September 17, 2010

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