1. Relying entirely on sorcery and witchcraft to get your ways instead of finding a nonsupernatural way to get the job done.

Comes from the popular Harry Potter instruction manuals about witchcraft.
1. Don't bother trying to pass the class by asking the queen of faeries for the quiz answers, all she does is practice Pottery.
by Brent Fisher September 26, 2004
Top Definition
Fellatio. A blow-job.
Cindy is such a dumb whore, but she sure can give pottery.

Yo, Cedric, did you get pottery in the stall again?
by Rick aka Flames November 29, 2007
An alarmingly common spelling mistake for "poetry" seen at the deviantART internet community.
omg i am teh heart ur pottery!!!55
by anderskorte June 20, 2005
The figure, artisanry and craftsmanship associated with the female figure.
Yo, nice pottery, Megan!
by clitschen schoezen August 25, 2014
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