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1. A disease possessed by an individual who joins a group, but does not participate in group discussions; one who does nothing but take up a potted plant.

2. When one contributes nothing to a conversation.

3. One who appears to be an extrovert but appears very introverted when in the presence by others.
1. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Anthony, Anna, Jay-Me and Cody sit at a table and talk.

-Anna, Jay-Me and Cody are carrying on a great, exciting conversation while Anthony does nothing but look on and listen.
-Anthony doesn't do this intentionally, but he is suffering from Potted Plant Syndrome (PPS).
-*He does nothing but take up space.*

2. Janelle: Every time we all get together, Tara never says anything. She just stares.
Sean: I like Tara...but homegirl has PPS.
by Aiden Burrows February 10, 2013

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